Kids Just A Kut

Hair sprayed down to kut, light blow dry, includes barrette and/or gel


Men's Just A Kut​​


Boy's Clipper Buzz Kut

One length clipper kut.


Men's One Length Buzz Kut


Clarifying Treatment

​Includes shampoo, treatment, conditioner & light blow dry


Glop and Glam 

The mission of Glop & Glam is to provide Healthy. Fun. Safe. Effective. Hair Products for the Next Generation™. Delivering salon professional shampoos, conditioners, and styling products, formulated for fun loving kids of all ages, with safe and nourishing ingredients.  Made in the USA using environmentally and socially responsible business practices, and delivered to our customers with a commitment to service, support, and most importantly, fun!

Hip Peas

Looking for natural hair products for your stylin' kiddo? Just say Hip Peas, please! Our products are not only completely safe for your child and the environment, but also work wonders on your tot’s locks. What's more, 10% of all profits go to child-focused charities. Simply brilliant!

Johnny B

At Johnny B. Hair Care, we are all about authentic hair. We’ve been making the finest men’s grooming products for the last 20 years. We are fueled by our passion.

Fairy Tales

All natural, organic hair care line formulated just right for children. This line offers a variety of all natural shampoos, conditioners, and detanglers. The new and improved Rosemary Repel® Hair Care includes an added “extra dose” of organic herbs to help prevent lice and super lice!

Mavi Bandz

Mavi Bandz are the latest innovation in hair accessories. What makes Mavi Bandz unique is our soft grip, adjustable elastic.  These hair bands fit anyone, child to adult.  They are never too tight and no headaches!

Streaks of Color, 4 Strands



May include braiding, twisting, curling, straightening & pinning.

Starting at $25 for first 20 min, $1/min after.

Girls' Bang Trim & Braid


Have a picture of a style you'd like to try? Bring it in! Our stylists are always willing to have fun with the kids and give them the styles they love!


Try our all natural, earth and family friendly products.

Conditioning Treatment

Includes shampoo, treatment & light blow dry


CWHL Hair Donation Certificate


First Kut Keepsake

Before and after picture with a lock of hair. Additional certificates $5


Kid's Comb Out

Extremely tangled hair, first 3 minutes free

$1 per minute

Pre-Pay Kid's Buy 4 Get 1

​$60 until January 1st then $68

Buy 4 Just A Kut, Get 1 Only​ Kids Kuts Only

Basic Braids

 1 - 2 simple braids​

$5 - $10

Girl's Fabulous Hair Kut

Hair sprayed down to kut, blow dry, includes braid, barrette and glitter


Salon Services Menu



Products & Accessories

Women's Just A Kut

Hair sprayed down to kut, light blow dry


Braid Class​​


One on One class $60

Hair Tinsel & Feathers

4 strands glitter tinsel or 2 feathers​


Bang/Neck Trim


These Kids Have Style!